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Furniture Transportation is Our Specialty

If you ship furniture you’re keenly aware that it often requires specialized handling and packaging and also may need assembly before it reaches its destination. It just stands to reason you’d choose a specialized logistics company—one that specializes in furniture, like HLI.

For more than 12 years, we’ve been told how special we are by our clients who are some of the most demanding customers in the industry.

By Air, Land or Sea—We Go That Extra Mile

Having shipped a wide variety of products, we know that transporting furniture requires a unique approach. That’s why we designed each step of the furniture logistics chain to meet the needs of our customers: From ocean freight, customs clearance, crossdock, and storage; to drayage, trucking and last-mile delivery—we’ve got it covered. And we even insure your shipments FREE—at no cost to you. Because you shouldn’t have to deal with the messy inconvenience of insurance claims.

Whether by land, sea or air HLI ensures a seamless shipping process and on-time delivery to your customers. Learn about our solutions:

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