Ocean Freight Shipping

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Our dedicated Ocean Freight Services Team works 24/7 to make sure your shipment reaches your customer on your schedule - whether it’s one container or 100 with a dedicated HLI project manager available to answer any questions throughout the process.

We also provide access to the online visibility of your freight movements with our Transportation Management System and a complete network of port agents who oversee your shipment through the various customs and regulatory hurdles.

Our Ocean Freight Services Include:

  • Worldwide Door-to-Door
  • Military Base Delivery
  • Drayage & Crossdock
  • HAZMAT Shipping & Customs Clearance
  • U.S. Flag Service

We offer a full drayage capability at all U.S. ports, and a crossdock operation at ports along the East, West and Gulf Coasts for import and export cargo. This enables our customers to transload containers into domestic trailers for truck or intermodal movements and into ocean containers for international export movements. Short-term warehouse storage is available for customers who wish to delay or stage their shipments.

Delivery to Military Bases & Government Installations in the U.S. & Overseas

Do you have a project in Hawaii, Alaska, Japan, Korea, Germany or in the Middle East or Africa? One of the biggest challenges for customers who sell to the U.S. Government is understanding the U.S. Flag regulations that apply to the shipping and movement of freight to government locations, embassies, consulates, and other military destinations.

Knowledge is Power- This is How HLI Rises to the Top:

We have a full understanding of U.S. Flag regulations

We stay informed about all rules, regulations and documentation to ensure a smooth delivery

We stay updated on all diplomatic agreements, avoiding unnecessary delays in foreign countries

We consistently have trucks operating on military bases, installations, airports and seaports

Our proprietary driver database ensures that we send a properly credentialed driver for every delivery

HLI has the process down pat

Whether by land, sea or air HLI ensures a seamless shipping process and on-time delivery to your customers. Learn about the industries we serve:

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