Storage | Consolidation

We’re In Business for the Long Haul

Short-Term & Transient Storage Anywhere in the USA

Access to our nationwide network of storage facilities is available on demand, across the U.S. Do you need to consolidate multiple shipments? Do you have products that must be assembled before delivery to the customer? How about transloading and drayage?

HLI’s warehouse value-added services includes:

  • Assembly & Consolidation
  • Drayage
  • Transloading - Import & Export
  • Labeling and Material Handling
  • Distribution Services & Crossdocking
  • Short-Term & Transient Storage

Inventory & Tracking Technology

HLI offers best-in-class warehouse processes. Our Warehouse Management System provides full visibility of your products.

With our system you can:

Check Your Inventory 24 / 7

Feel Confident that Your Freight is Always Secure

Trust that your shipments are organized and easily accessible

Whether by land, sea or air HLI ensures a seamless shipping process and on-time delivery to your customers. Learn about the industries we serve:

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